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Scheduled: November 11, 2022

Elite Waitlist

Didn’t get a Elite Invitation? 

No problem! We kept an allocation of Elite Invitations to send out to those who are interested and are worthy! Unfortunately, we couldn’t invite everyone as our collection is max capped at 10k.

So, how does the Elite Waitlist work?

If you hold a top 20 Solana NFT in your wallet, we know how much time you have held your NFT. We took a snapshot on Friday, October 28th, 2022, and have categorized holders by tiers: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Diamond. As stated above we couldn’t invite everyone as every project received an allocation of Invitations but we still know if you are a Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Diamond Holder.

What you need to do is go to a link we will attach below and paste the wallet address in which you believe you should have received your invitation. When you paste your wallet you will see your holding time and will get a status message passed or denied. 

If you get a status message PASSED, Congratulations! All you need to do know is head over to our discord and open a ticket on the channel named #WaitList and we will send you your invitation. 

What projects are being considered for Elite Invitations and Waitlist?

– Smyths

– DeGods

– Communi3

– Okay Bears

– Degenerate Ape Academy

– CETS on Creck

– Solana Monkey Business

– Taiyo Robotics


– Famous Fox Federation

– Trippin Ape Academy

– Catalina Whale Mixer

– Genesis Genopets

– Stoned Apes

– GhostkidDAO

– Turtles

– SOLgods

– Shadowy Super Coder

– Aurory

– Degen Dojo


Verify Waitlist Status Here: