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Scheduled: April 1, 2022

Elite Analytics Pre-Beta

Elite Analytics Pre Beta Software

We decided to build an MVP (Minimum Value Product) as this is the best way to start anything. This way we can validate if our team has the technical knowledge to build the complete solution and keep expenses down.

So, what is Elite Analytics Pre-Beta? It’s a compilation of tools our team built by speaking with many NFT Holders, tools that helped them see the change in circulating supply and in top holders of certain tokens, and some other tools to analyze real-time transactions.

This software is not what our team is building or how the final product will look or be. (Not even close). This is just our way of validating our expertise to the market and for you all to see that we can indeed extract real-time data and historical data, index it and make it queriable.

Some other tabs were created for DAOs that seemed interested in partnering with Elite as their data solution provider. 

Bear in mind our solution is not focused on B2C tools like the one we created or targeting NFT projects. Our solution will be B2B and we will target Crypto Hedge Funds, Hedge Funds, Protocols, DAOs, and Compliance Agencies. 

The Goal for Elite Analytics is to make Solana Queriable. Index all Historical and Real-Time data, On-Chain Transactions, and dAPPs data. After we do that we can actively offer custom Data and Analytical Solutions to B2B Clients and move our solution scope to all chains.

With that being said, check out our Elite Analytics Pre-Beta here: